How Often Should You Professionally Clean Your Rug

How Often Should You Professionally Clean Your Rug

In case you own a vacuum cleaner, you may think that your rug is clean and tidy. Vacuuming them once or twice a week keeps your rugs looking and feeling fresh. Therefore, that’s good, right?

No, it’s not enough, unfortunately.

It hardly matters whom you ask, experts tell you that deep cleaning your rug is needed and it is a vital household chore. It would not just pull out bacteria and grime, which are hiding deep down in rugs but also, in many cases, it is obligatory to maintain your warranty.

But you might wonder how often you should clean your rug professionally. Well, here we’ve discussed the frequency of rug cleaning in detail.

You place it in a high foot traffic area:

You need to clean your rug very often if you place them in a high foot traffic area like in your living area, entryways, and hallways. This is because dirt and dust accumulate over time and if you have a deep-coloured rug, then it will become difficult for you to notice them. So, you should opt for professional rug cleaning if your rug smells bad or it looks not that fresh.

You have allergy issues:

Now you have known that dirt, dust, pollen, and harmful things can accumulate in a rug, right? These things can trigger or aggravate your allergy issues. To avoid your allergy problems, you should consider cleaning your rugs frequently.

You have young children or four-legged friends:

Do you have kids at home? Or furry friends? Yes? Sounds great? But did you know that your pet can track in dirt, dust, and other contaminants inside your house? Not just your pets, but your kids can bring dirt from outside that can ruin the look and feel of your rugs. Moreover, rugs can easily trap bacteria, germs, mould, and kids are likely to be exposed enough to this kind of contamination in rug since they oftentimes spend several hours playing on the rug. So, it is always wise to hire a rug cleaner and get your rugs professionally cleaned at least once in six months.

You wear shoes at home:

Do you wear shoes at home? Well, wearing your shoes while staying at home may imply that your rugs need to be cleaned very often.

Taken as a whole, if you vacuum your rug regularly and treat stains without delay, then you have the luxury to hire a professional just once a year.

How To Keep Your Rugs In The Top Condition

How To Keep Your Rugs In The Top Condition

Rugs can add a dramatic look in a room. They are a huge investment and therefore, keeping them in top condition is a concern. Here are a few tips that ensure your rug stays in top condition.

Know your rug:

Be sure that you know exactly what type of rug you own. Check out whether there is any kind of special care that you should do for your rug. Ensure that you also give this information to the Rug cleaning service provider.

Regular vacuuming:

Besides hiring a professional rug cleaner, regular vacuuming is what you can do for keeping your rug in good condition. Dirt, dust, and other materials would accumulate in the rug. You should eliminate those contaminants through regular vacuuming.

Try preventing spills:

One of the best ways to prevent stain on the rug is to repel spilling things on it. Keep drinks and food away from your rug.

Treat spills without delay:

Despite the best effort, one can never avoid spills on the rugs, right? When spills happen, make certain to treat it without delay. But if you’re unable to treat the spills, then call a professional rug cleaner.

Avoid sunlight:

Sunlight can fade your rug. So, try placing your rug in an area where it doesn’t get direct sunlight. Don’t forget to close the blinds to avoid overexposure.

Follow no-shoes policy:

Take off your shoes before stepping inside the house since your shoes carry a huge amount of dirt and other pollutants. And this can damage your rug.

Give protection from furniture:

The heavy feet of furniture can result in permanent damage and dent in your rugs. So, consider using protectors on the furniture’s feet to prevent damage.

Rotate the rug:

The areas of a rug that you walk on would start looking damaged and worn out much quicker. To stop this, rotate your rug frequently so that you can walk on a different part of it.

Eliminate pet hair:

If you want to keep your rug in a good stare, then remove pet hair. You will get a few tools, which you can run over the rug to eliminate these hairs.

Choose professional rug cleaning:

You should consider hiring a professional rug cleaning service. The best way to keep your rugs in good condition is to get it cleaned by professionals. Though vacuuming is important. But only vacuuming won’t eliminate all the build-up, which can occur in your rugs. Only professional rug cleaners have the necessary equipment and cleaning products that can remove everything from rug’s fibres.

So, follow these tips.

Place Carpet All Over Your House And Just Feel The Best Quality Floor Experience!

Place Carpet All Over Your House and Just Feel the Best Quality Floor Experience

Carpets have been a luxurious house hold item but not now any more, everyone who has a proper house to live they have carpets placed all over the floor which increases the value and looks of their place in front of visitors and also lets the floor to be intact.

It’s quite tiring to maintain and keep all of the household items perfectly tidy; there are several consequences to a naïve action. You can damage the particular priced possession of yours or can also lower the longevity which would eventually cost a lot than calling a professional and when it comes to valuables like carpet and rugs you need to be extra careful and always call up a professional service for cleaning a carpet with sheer perfection.

Here are few benefits of calling up for a good rug wash company to cleanse hour carpets with sheer perfection.

How Carpet Cleaning Saves Your Money?

As we are well aware the price of a premium carpet for your house or office, it is quite expensive if the quality is exceptional and handmade. You can easily save money by contacting a professional carpet cleaner to perform a proper expert rug wash because if you go on for cleaning a carpet on your own you could basically damage the fabrics of the carpet and which would lead you to purchase a new one.

Less Maintenance:

A carpet does not need to be cleaned on a regular basis which leads to less maintenance and money savings. One can easily clean the carpet once in a month or twice, but the floor needs to be cleaned every alternate day which increases the expenditure and maintenance. This is one of the best solutions for you if you are having a question that “is rug cleaning prices worth spending?” Hence, the rug wash will only save you more money when compared with proper floor maintenance.


These days almost everything can be recycled easily and so as carpet can be recycled too, and there are several advanced technologies which allows old carpets to be recycled into new carpet or into other usable items which can be useful further. According to a study, 121 million pounds of worn carpet were collected and 85 percent were recycled into a new carpet which was sold further. A good commercial rug cleaning service provider will always consider the longevity of the carpet and maintain the fabrics smoothness which is eventually beneficial for the people using the carpet.

There are also processes to choose such as dry cleaning and rug steam cleaning from which you can choose the appropriate one. If you are getting these many benefits by just calling up a green rug care service provider then you should really consider putting carpets over every place.

How to Clean Microfiber

How to Clean Microfiber

Microfiber is a resilient, durable fabric mainly used in clothing, towels, and furniture. Its appearance and plush feel make it a looked-for material. But when encountered with a tough mess, microfiber might not appear it’s finest. Based on the type and color of microfiber you use; stains might turn your upholstery into an eyesore. But don’t worry because cleaning microfiber has become quite easier now. After you finish cleaning microfiber, it appears brand new. Continue reading

Want to Buy the Right Rug Material for Your Home? Know the Options You have

Want to Buy the Right Rug Material for Your Home? Know the Options You have

Your living space is incomplete without a rug. However, with multiple options available, finding the finest one can seem like solving a jigsaw puzzle.

But today we are going to guide you in selecting the right rug material.

  • Wool Rugs Because the Quality is Superb:

Imaging a rug, which feels as similar and decadent as your dearest sweater? The wonderful soft pile of wool is ideal for lounging barefoot. The rich fibres of wool are completely crush-resistant hence they would bounce back for several years. In case you are looking for an easier-to-clean rug, then you should choose the Highland-resistant standard of wool.

  • Cotton Rugs Since They Provide Breathable Comfort and Cool Look:

If you want to have a natural, relaxed look in your living room, then cotton is the best rug material. Classic and crisp, it is an outstanding rug material for a place where you can lounge with your favourite book or meditate. A cotton rug is just like your favourite t-shirt – informal and snug – however super dependable.

  • Polypropylene Rug- An Economical Wool Alternative:

Polypropylene is as glamorous and dense wool that you can buy without spending a fortune. Easier to clean, water-resistant, and pretty durable, a polypropylene rug is not at all a common dish rag. Rather it is a smart material of the rug. You can choose this cheaper rug in trendy patterns and bold colours to make your house more stylish, cosier, and brighter.

  • Silk Rugs Because You Want to Add Some Drama to Your Living Room Décor:

Sophisticated and lovely, silk rug material offers an elegant softness and luxurious shimmer. Since silk is a highly decorative and delicate item, you would love to show it off; however, it is recommended to use this rug in low-traffic areas. But, if you really want to get a stylish designer look for your home, then the silk rug is your call.

  • The Incredible Embellishment of Viscose Rugs:

Viscose is a man-made soft fabric that comes up with an exquisite sheen. This material, in fact, mimics the low pile and smooth texture of silk hence now it is possible to achieve the sleek look and feel without breaking your bank. This thin material is ideal to create an intimate, stunning area wherein you are not searching for a plush rug. Due to its romantic and lavish vibes, viscose is perfect for faking a comforting hotel gateway in your home.

When it comes to buying an area rug, let the salesperson know your individual needs because they can help you to choose the best one understanding your needs.

How to Plan Your Carpet and Rug Cleaning

How to Plan Your Carpet and Rug Cleaning

When it comes to rug and carpet cleaning, advance planning is needed. You need to look for a professional company that would offer the best in class service, use the best quality chemicals and carpet cleaning solutions. In case you are concerned about the atmosphere of your house and the environment as well, then you may want to ensure that you are hiring an environment-friendly agency.

Eco-friendly cleaning solutions are not just safe for our family and furnishings but also, they are free of odours. And this implies while entering your room right after the cleaning is done, you would never be met with an ambiance where you can get only the smell of harsh chemicals. Eco-friendly, green rug cleaning solutions have less harmful toxins and hence they are a safer option to use.

Cleaning Standards

The cleaning company is an important factor since it determines the standard of service you would get. So, make sure that the firm you choose has a reputation and the ability to finish the task as per your requirements. It is recommended to hire a company with experience in environment-friendly cleaning methods. Well, you need to remember that you are passing on your invaluable home investment to this company and hence, it is important to hire professional rug cleaning that can deliver top-notch rug care.

The cleaning provider is a crucial issue to the type and quality of service you will receive. Therefore, ensure the company you select has an established professional reputation and the capacity to complete the job to your specifications. It is usually an advantage to choose a provider with experience in eco-friendly cleaning techniques. You should also keep in mind that you are entrusting your valuable home investments to this provider and accordingly, you want a reputable and quality provider.

Pre-cleaning Process

A reputed rug cleaning agency, skilled in restoration and repair, has sound expertise and knowledge of rug materials, the way they are manufactured, and the way they should look. This extensive knowledge helps while checking the furnishing and finalising their treatment. Professional rug cleaners are likely to own environment-friendly cleaning solutions and equipment and the methods, which make up an all-inclusive cleaning service. Your chosen carpet and rug cleaning company must have the ability to remove odours, dirt, stains, and allergens from the floor coverings. They know the rug cleaning secrets and this helps them to achieve the best results in no time.

How to Clean an Area Rug

How to Clean an Area Rug

Your area rug might enhance the décor of your room in no time; however, it can become dirty due to spills, foot traffic, kids and pets. Unless your rug is pretty delicate or bigger in size, you don’t need a professional for a rug wash job.  If you know exactly how to clean an area rug, this project becomes one that you can easily carry out on your own. Read further to know how you can clean your well-worn area rugs.

Is DIY right for your rug or not – decide this first

Right before you start the cleaning process, examine your rug. There are some rugs like Persian rugs, antique ones, and many other delicate rugs should always be cleaned by hiring a professional rug cleaning Melbourne. These kinds of rugs are quite costly when it comes to replacing; hence you should consider investing money in their maintenance in order to keep them in tip-top condition.

Tools you need

  • Rug shampoo
  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Sponge or soft-bristle brush

Eliminate dirt and dust properly

It is necessary to vacuum your area rug on both sides. In case you are a parent of a four-legged boy, then consider using the brush attachment since it helps in getting stray hairs.

Now is the time to mix the cleaner

In case you bought a rug cleaning solution, then follow the instructions on the bottle when it comes to mixing. However, you can use mild dish detergents with warm water. Never use hot water since it could shrink your rug or result in colour fading.

Don’t forget to do a colour test

Right before you start the scrubbing process, be certain the cleaner doesn’t fade the colour of your rug. So, test the solution first on the rug’s corner to ensure its colour won’t change or lose brightness once it is washed. It’s safer to take the next step in case the colour of your rug doesn’t go away.

Rug Washing

With the help of a soft-bristle brush or sponge, start washing your rug. Before rinsing it, allow the cleanser to sit on your rug for a few minutes.

Time to Rinse

Rinse the cleaning solution of the rug using buckets of clean, cold water or a garden hose. Be certain all the soap residue is eliminated from the rug.

Say goodbye to excess water

If you’ve a wet-dry vacuum, then use it.

Dry your rug

Let your rug dry from both sides. Ensure your rug is completely dry before you take it to your room.